Stressed out emotions, feelings & sensibilities find balance, tranquillity & deep healing with THE WOMB DETOX.

THE WOMB DETOX is a soothing mind, body healing, focusing on imprints from mental, emotional & physical life toxicities from past relationships, life trauma, generational toxicities passed down about emotions, beliefs about finances like attitudes around earning money or having enough. Once we come into contact with these energetic imprints, they create layers of blockages, wounds or fears that lodge within our hearts, reproductive systems & entire mind & body along energetic meridians.

These obstructions have been proven to affect our healing, self awareness & stability in relationships with ourselves or others, finances, health etc.

THE WOMB DETOX & MEN – I the past few years The WOMB DETOX has experienced a surge of MEN asking for a program, to heal themselves from the toxicities they were imprinted with from generations passed down, toxic relationships (divorce, past relationships, separations etc.) along with any imprints passed down in utero from the mothers pregnancy.

For the men who have undertaken to heal their base/root chakra they are seeing the benefit of releasing emotional, generational & deficient energies. Men want emotional balancing, love, physical detoxing, cleansing & financial independence & have begun to embrace the process of mind, body emotional energy healing to raise their vibrations & live life to the fullest.

THE WOMB DETOX & WOMEN – Women have been using this program & others like it since ancient times for physical & emotional healing.  Women have healed, released or shifted (PMS, PCOS, FIBROIDS etc) & have told the male friends, partners, family & siblings about THE WOMB DETOX GENERATIONAL & TOXIC RELATIONSHIP HEALING   to balance & enhance their lives.


The WOMB DETOX programs are for men & women seeking transformation & release from toxic energetic imprints to be their optimal in all areas of their life.

For additional information see the treatments page for descriptions & pricing.