If there was a way to learn how to use the universe & moon for abundance, healing, financial gain, finding the right life or business partner & more would you want to know about it?

Each month people log on, show up & connect for interaction, abundance & an energy blessing, in person or virtually online to learn, tap into & use the power of the universe & moon for an improved abundant life.

When we learn & release our fears associated with embracing the elements (sun, moon, cosmos, universe, law of attraction, laws of the universe etc.) we begin to work in harmony with the cycles of those things & nature with ease, grace & flow. We embrace our natural state of co-creator to proactively contribute to the life we want.

Women &  men are doing what it takes to heal, manifest & raise their vibration with the many options offered in the circle, to connect to the cosmic energy. They connect  conveniently in the comfort of their own home to transform their lives.

So what does working with cosmic energy entail:

I will begin to answer that by saying what it does NOT entail.

  • Wishy washy, woo woo “out there” thinking. This work scientifically looks a the application of thought upon emotion & intention to bring about what you desire.
  • Using the universal energy for negative intent or actions.
  • Knowing moon or universal energy is not designed to harm you or your family.

The work teaches how to create wellbeing, healing, abundance & how to manifest the life you want.

What you get:

We all know energy is everything & intention & emotion & how we project or focus them can bring results we want. The monthly moon circle offers two energy transfers (one at the full moon & one at the new moon) & two follow up meditations to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Nature & Cosmic energies.

What is the purpose:

The purpose of moon work is to incorporate indigenous wisdom & ancient techniques, providing a higher vibration charge to take conscious control of your life, manifesting abundance, healing, relationships etc. to keep you strong & in the high powerful energy vibration.

MOON WORK Every month from the comfort & privacy of their home with the energy & power of the full moon, women & men join a remote healing  group & are introduced to tools to use on their journey of discovery of the divine feminine & divine masculine within. Keeping with ancient traditions of gathering in circle at the cycles of the moon for healing, abundance, wisdom, ancient teachings & growth.

FOR WOMEN: For women womb work & pregnancy is a gentle process, women enjoy energy work along with body care for blessings that are great for mother & baby. Ask for details of the program that can be used for your needs during the term of your pregnancy.

FOR MEN: Healing for men of the Divine Masculine within was introduced in the fall of 2016 offered as full moon mens blessings. The men have enjoyed the energy blessings & more men are getting the healing they have been seeking.

In the moon work program, clients learn how to interact with & delve into their divine feminine & divine masculine energies raising their abundance, healing & energy sources. Clients learn how to assess emotional wellbeing, examine how their inner energy centers behave when aligned assisting  how these individuals show up in the world.  Ancestral wisdom, healing generational & relationship toxicities, clearing, nurturing & learning about manifesting with the moon, deep healing & yoga are featured as prominent healing tools.