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crystal-healingWARMSTONE™ SELF CARE WORKSHOP $347 $299.99  This popular self care reproductive & lower body healing workshop offers an opportunity for individuals to learn techniques to connect to their inner self for mind, body, emotional & energetic healing in the comfort & privacy of their own home. The workshop teaches  ancient healing techniques that work through the lower chakras, to ground & heal the heart, mind, nervous, reproductive & digestive systems, using ancient heated stone massage, aromatherapy, crystals & gentle nurturing restorative yin yoga postures with the aid of bolsters, blankets & blocks. [Returning Spring 2018]

sacralchakrahealingThe workshop teaches how to do the self care WARMSTONE™ massage created by Practitioner & Yogi Deborah Allen, to align energies, release generational & toxic relationship blockages, heal the reproductive system letting go of heavy emotions held in the hips, low back, abdomen & lower body. In the workshop basic reproductive & digestive system anatomy & physiology along with ancient chakra & lunar (moon) wisdom & Restorative Yin Yoga basics are covered. No prior knowledge on reproductive health, anatomy, physiology or yoga is necessary. This self care workshop is great for those wanting to know more about their reproductive system, have had miscarriage, fertility issues, pcos, PMS or fibroids. (women) or lowered libido, low testosterone or prostate issues (males).


Men find the sequence & tools within the program highly beneficial for increasing sexual energy, healing prostate issues, libido enhancement & general energy improvement & clearing toxic relationship or generational toxic baggage without surgery or invasive procedures. Women moving through menopause or women moving to the next phase of thier sexual expression find this great self care and knowledge. Women who want to clear toxicity use this as a tool for healing their minds, bodies & wombs after toxic relationships, or as a healing nervous system tool as they move through a bad breakup or even divorce.

The heated mineral-rich stones & sequence provide negative ion healing, while the crystals & essential oils aid in restoring many layers of the body’s cells back to a balanced & healthy condition.

Doing this work with the yin yoga, deep breathing & meditation week after week, helps to calm the body & mind allowing new oxygen to circulate through the body, realigning the body to become stronger, balanced, whole & complete emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually.

Benefit of Stone Healing

  1. Improves blood circulation and raises your body’s metabolism
  2. Strengthens your immune system
  3. Release dermal toxins, gain healthy, vibrant skin
  4. Improved joint and muscle flexibility
  5. Refreshes your body and mind

This emotional healing & inner balancing workshop teaches self care for releasing what does not serve your inner energy & explains how to combine the elements to open the mind & body for balanced abundant living.

In ancient times people around the world have used these tools for a variety of healing  to release muscle pain, enhance lymph flow, removes toxins & fortify the immune system. The treatment allows blood vessels to dilate improving circulation, cellular oxygen flow & protective nutrient flow to supply the cells of the area of the body under the healing stones & crystals. The essential oils provide cellular detoxification & repair as the energy work stimulates the meridians & chakras gently dissipating energetic blockages.

The power of the crystals, nurturing warmth of the stones, sacred geometry of yoga & energy work unite the mind & body holistically to provide deep relaxation, healing & calm that recharges the body, mind, chakras & soul.





ARVIGO ABDOMINAL THERAPY PROGRAM  – $399 This abdominal-sacral full  body treatment focuses on aligning the reproductive, abdominal organs, spine & energies. It helps to loosen the hips & remove scar tissue on the sacrum & along the spine increasing the circulation of blood to the lower body & abdomen.

After a comprehensive detailed consultation the treatment  begins with work on the abdomen. Abdominal massage works from the pelvic bowl up to the ribs on the anterior aspect of your body. The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal therapy also work on the back because there are nerves along the spine that are connected with the organs on the front of the body. Check out the list of things  this therapy helps women and men. ARVIGO SELF CARE Self Care is the Core to the at home Arvigo Techinques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy.  This is what sets it apart from other techniques. This allows each client to take an active role in achieving their own personal health and the self care at home treatment is a great way to upkeep the benefits. (teaching how to do this is included with the initial Arvigo treatment).



REFLEXOLOGY  $85  Reflexology involves applying pressure to areas on the feet connected to the central nervous system and other body systems. By massaging a particular region, you can minimize stress, reduce pain even increase circulation. Reflexology has long been recognized for its healing powers and is also backed by modern scientific evidence.

While reflexology is an extremely safe healing practice, it is important to be aware of  contraindications or times when reflexology might not be a wise choice. These  include:  women in early pregnancy (the first 6 weeks),  individuals with foot injuries, fractures, unhealed wounds, or active gout. Individuals with osteoarthritis of the foot or ankle, or those with acute vascular disease of the legs or feet.  An acceptable alternative would be to use reflexology on the hands and ears.